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    Rotterdam 2009

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  5. architectureofdoom:

    Golden Mile Complex, Singapore, 1970s

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    Capri Motel, 1983 from Highway

    Jeff Brouws

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  7. Visual Pollution, 1972

    Depoe Bay, Oregon

    Gene Daniels/NARA

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    Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge - Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas

    Shooting to the Moon aboard the Space Rocket at Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge & restaurant, Intersection U.S. Hwys. 67 & 82 East, Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas.

    Mailed from Texarkana Arkansas-Texas to Mr. & Mrs. Arth La Bay of Milford, Connecticut on October 16, 1970:

    Dear Irma & Arth - we left this place at 8:30 AM with Paul & Wendy and juss seen Texas I never seen before. We are stayed at this motor lodge. Its most beautiful place. it has play ground for children too. We ate so much here too. Wish you was with us.
    Sophie & Louie

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    Crane, shuttered steel mill.

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    Gene Kamp’s Island Home - Chicago, Illinois

    7068 W. Belmont Ave.
    Chicago, Illinois 60634
    Unique in providing a relaxing Polynesian atmosphere, where you can listen to the sound of a waterfall and Hawaiian music, gaze at tropical birds and fish, and leisurely enjoy the finest in cocktails, expertly made to you individual taste.

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  15. phdonohue:

    mesilla valley mall, las cruces, new mexico

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